Eachine QX90 Micro FPV Quadcopter

I recently got the micro FPV quadcopter fever and decided I’d pick up an Eachine QX90. This little thing is an absolute blast to fly, I’ve had silly amounts of fun just hooning down the hallways in my house. Interestingly flying this micro quadcopter has actually improved my FPV flying on my larger quadcopter.

What I Brought

Firstly I’d highly suggest getting some Hubsan X4 props as the ones the quadcopter comes with are pretty bad. Also these little props are fairly easy to chip/break, even with the prop guard on. Speaking of the prop guard, you should get one; it allows you to easily bounce of walls instead of crashing into them. You can get a cheap prop guard, or 3D print your own.

To keep your quad in the air with minimal time spent waiting for batteries to charge I’d suggest getting a charger that can charge multiple of these tiny 1S lipos at once. To keep your quad from falling from the air I recommend buying a little piezo buzzer which will allow you to configure your flight controller to beep when the lipo battery is running low on power.

The Eachine QX90 Comes With

  • The quadcopter itself with FPV camera.
  • Two extra motors (one CW, one CCW) in case the ones on the quad burn out.
  • Two 1S 600mAh lipo batteries.
  • A little carbon fibre blade remover helper (very useful!)
  • A JST XH 4 pin header to two microLOSI connectors.
  • Eight very average props (half of mine were too loose on the motors and kept flying off!)

First Impressions

I wasn’t in love initially with how it flew, the motors are quite gutless and it took some time to get adjusted to it. It didn’t help that the stock props kept flying off everywhere. I replaced the stock props with Hubsan X4 props and installed betaflight and it instantly flew much nicer.

The camera unfortunately sticks out like dogs balls on the top of the quadcopter and is quite vulnerable in a crash. Often the camera ends up getting bent back in a light crash because the only thing holding it upright is a rubber band.


Luckily I have a 3D printer so I was able to 3D print some cool parts to improve the QX90. I 3D printed these parts someone created and uploaded to thingiverse.

The newly 3D printed parts allowed me to mount the camera at the front of the quad. This gives the QX90 a much sleeker, flatter looking profile and on top of that the camera no longer flops over in a crash.


This little quad is a huge amount of fun. It’s definitely under powered in comparison to a bigger quadcopter, but for it’s price point and size it’s hard to not love this little thing.

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