DIY Electric Skateboard Project

Strap a motor to a skateboard?! How could I not! I’ve never been a skateboarder but the moment I saw someone cruise past me on one of these electric bad boys I knew I had to make one.

Here’s where I’m at after a few months:

18650 Battery Pack

Spot welded my own 10S3P (10 in series, 3 in parallel) 18650 lithium-ion battery pack. I used Samsung 25R’s as they’re all I could find in New Zealand and they seemed to be universally loved. I struggled to find pure nickle strip for connecting the cells but finally found the real stuff from this AliExpress seller.

Motor Mount

To attach the big hunking motor (Saite 200kV) to the trucks I milled a motor mount out of 6mm thick aluminium on my CNC router. I also milled another mount to mount the motor mount to the trucks from 12mm thick HDPE (Eventually I’ll machine another from 12mm aluminum):

Wheel Pulley

Using some Taulman Nylon 618 filament I managed to print a lovely 36T HTD5M pulley from thingiverse:

Remote Control

A lovely lad by the name of SolidGeek designed a groovy skateboard remote and put on thingverse. I printed the sucker out and shoved some electronics in there! I’m using 2.4GHz XBee’s for the communications (built in frequency hopping + all the hard stuff done for you).

Battery Enclosure

This has probably been the hardest, most annoying bit of the whole build. There’s few off the shelf things you can use, nothing that looks any good. The only option is really to make your own so I made a wooden buck and brought some 1.5mm Kydex and attempted to make my own. It didn’t come out perfect, some wrinkles because I didn’t put enough pressure on the Kydex as it was cooling down. I’m going to try clean it up but might just have to buy more Kydex and give it another go.

Coming Soon

The finished product with lots and lots of beautiful, detailed pictures and a video. If you don’t hear from me then I’ve probably died riding the thing too fast! I’ve already brought myself a helmet and some safety gear so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon. Stay tuned!

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