Delta Printer First Run

I’ve waited all my life for this moment… Not really, but I have waited a few months. A friend was able to lend me some T5 belts and pulleys while I wait for my GT2 belts so I could test run the printer now.


For this quick test I just threw the printer together. The rod clamps aren’t tightened down, the belts weren’t adjusted or tightened at all – This was just a quick test to see how it all works.

So how did it work? Bloody well! I’m very happy with the movement, there was quite a bit of noise and a little slop but that’s mostly because I haven’t tightened anything up.

I should be getting my GT2 belts next week, which I’m over the moon about. I was told I wouldn’t get the belts for another month or more! So I should have this printer printing in a month or so (I hope).

Anyway’s what are you doing reading this?! Enjoy the video!

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