Delta 3D Printer is Complete

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and it’s been a long time building this delta 3D printer. But I am done!

Let me start off with my leave of absence. I had to wait about two months for my GT2 timing belts to arrive, while my printer and I sat and waited. This really was quite upsetting, all the progress I had been making was ground to a halt.

When the belts did finally arrive, I ran to my workshop and began to put the printer together. It all went well and the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly (as if I had planned it!)

First time I plugged it in and saw the movement I was over the moon with joy, but that was short lived. I realized quickly that the head (nozzle / platform) wasn’t level to the bed. This was strange because I had done the calculations early on in development and correctly modified my software accordingly.

I don’t want to get too much into the boring details but seemingly my issues were caused by oscillating top pulleys and belts being too loose. Took me a month to figure that out… Actually only took me a few days with some online help, but I spent a month being pissed off about the whole situation and not touching the 3D printer.

You’re still here? Time for the pictures!

Here’s a quick video of the yoda print:


There’s going to be a lot more coming now in the next few weeks as I get this printer properly calibrated. But for now, hooray! The printer is finished!

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